You can never be 100% sure that someone loves you for real, but there are some signs you should pay attention to. In order to know whether that person loves you, you should pay attention on how that person acts, what they say to you and how they act around you.

It is really difficult to discover whether a person have real and deep feelings for you, but in this article we will present you 9 ways in which you can find out who is really in loved with you.

1.They Are Not Insecure If You Don’t Pick Up Their Call
The person that loves you for real, will show you that they trust you and won’t get mad if you don’t pick up their call immediately. They respect your time!

2.They Take Care Of You When You Are Sick
A true lover will take care of you when you fall ill. They will make sure you eat well, take your medicines on time and will ask you how you have been doing until you get better. The one who truly loves will call you several times to check on health. This indicates that this person loves you.

3.They Are Not Selfish In Bed
For instance, whey you make love with them, they care about what turns you on and what turns you off. They understand that love making is not only for their pleasure, and that it takes two to tango.

4.They Will Stop You From Being Irrational
The ones that truly love you, will support you at anything, but at the same time they will take care of you and won’t let you commit mistakes or take wrong decisions.

5.They Seek And Respect Your Opinion
The ones who truly love you will seek your opinion and it will respect it regardless of whether you agree with them or not.

6.They Do Things to Make You Happy
A partner who is madly in loved with you will do small things on a regular basis to make you feel special They will shower you with love and care, which means that that is true, unconditional love.

7.They Are Not Afraid To Say I Love You!
The person who truly loves you won’t fear to say that out loud. They will take care to tell you often to express their love to you.

8.They Do Not Behave Differently In Front Of Friends Or Family

They will treat you the same way in front of friends and family because they are not afraid to show their love. There is no mask and they are who they say they are.

9.They Will Listen To You
When you rant about your job, friends or family, they will hear you patiently and will offer their shoulder for comfort. Moreover, they will advice you to do the best you can and be nice to others since other relatioships also matter.

Even though some times the little things get unnoticed, they are actually very important. Never let the person go if that person does all these things, because this is true love.

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