If You Eat 2 Bananas per Day for a Month These 9 Things Happen To Your Body!

Bananas are definitely the most popular fruits on the planet and they are consumed more than apples and oranges combined in the US. These fruits are low in sodium, but rich in potassium which can lower the risk of cardiovascular issues and lower your blood pressure levels. Bananas are great source of sucrose, fructose and fiber.

Only a few people know that ripe brown bananas are better for our overall health. These bananas are full of anti-cancer compound known as TNF which prevent the development of malignant cells. This compound actually impairs the growth and spread of cancer cells. Ripe bananas boost the immunity and the production of white blood cells.

You Will Get The Following Health Benefits if You Consume A Few Ripe Bananas Per Day:

-Control Body Temperature
If you are down with a temperature, consume bananas in order to regulate your body temperature.

-Treat Anxiety and PMS
The large amounts of Vitamins form B group calm down your central nervous system and regulate your blood sugar levels.

-Cure Constipation
The fiber in this tropical fruit relieves constipation and improves the process of digestion.

-Cure Depression
Tryptophan in bananas is turning to serotonin in the body which improves the mood, relaxes the muscles.

-A Great Ulcer Remedy
These fruits coat stomach lining and thus preventing acidic irritation.

-Cure Anemia
You can effectively treat anemia by consuming this fruit because it is rich in iron – mineral which boost the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin.

-Boost Energy Levels
Boost your endurance during workouts by consuming 1-2 bananas on a daily basis.

-Relive Blood Pressure
Due to the presence of potassium in its content, bananas lower blood pressure. They are excellent for your cardiovascular system because they are low in sodium.

-Treat Heart Burn
These fruits represent natural antacid which relieve heartburn and reflux. Eat one banana whenever you experience these issues.

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