Visit These Magical Places Where It’s Christmas All Seasons!

Christmas is my favorite Time of the Year!
im in love with Christmas! you too..?
If you are Christmas lover who patiently waits for Christmas to come, every year? Do you wish it was Christmas every day? What if we tell you that there are towns and places which celebrate Christmas throughout the year? Yes, you heard it right! Here are places when Christmas is a 365-day affair.

1. Drobak, Norway
This town called Drobak in Norway is a Christmas wonderland! Not only is the Christmas decor always on, the town folks actually believe that Santa lives there. Millions of children write letters and send their wish lists to Santa, believing the postmaster is actually Santa.
The letters which the Drobak post office receives addressed to Santa, are preserved and kept in a collection known as ‘Santa’s Collection.’ Missing Christmas? Write a letter to Santa and who knows, he might actually read it and your letter will become a part of Santa’s collection!

2. North Pole, Alaska
Streets with names like ‘Snowman Lane’ and ‘Santa Claus Drive’, this place is any Christmas lover’s paradise! This town in America is always dressed in the festive spirit of Christmas and people from far and wide come here to take a slice of Christmas, throughout the year. Things get very special in December though. They have an ice sculpture contest and an annual winter festival. They also get hundreds of letters posted to “Santa Claus, North Pole, Alaska”. A team of volunteers works round the clock to ensure every letter is delivered.

3. Rovaniemi, Finland
Rovaniemi, Finland, is the place where the legend of Santa Claus began and the townfolks are keeping it alive by celebrating Christmas all year long. Santa, known as Joulupukki in this town, is believed to live in a large house which is always decorated with strings of lights and Christmas wreath. It is called the official hometown of Santa Claus. There is a Santa Claus Village which draws thousands of visitors every year from across the world. They try and get a picture or two with Santa himself.

4. Santa Claus, Indiana
The name says it all. This cold town is believed to be one of the favorite go-to spots of Santa. Situated near a lake named Rudolph, the town features a laser show which beautifully showcases the story of Rudolf the reindeer. In addition to a laser show, there are musicals, a museum dedicated to Santa and his history, and a candy castle!

5. North Pole, New York
Known as Santa’s summer home, North Pole, New York is one of the favorite locations of Christmas lovers. This whole town is dedicated to Santa and is a giant Christmas park. There are peppermint trains, plays, musical shows, and elves walk around the place!

6. Christmas, Florida
This small place in Florida is actually called “Christmas” for very appropriate reasons. Originally known as Fort Christmas, this magical place is a Christmas wonderland throughout the year. People travel from far and wide to get a glimpse of Christmas when December is far away.