16 Images Of Fruit That Will Make You Feel A Little Uncomfortable

Ok lets start!

1. This mutated grape that looks like an alien bug is massive. But you have to admit, it looks pretty juicy and delicious.

2. A lemon that looks like this may be a little bit terrifying to eat. It also looks like it can really mess up your stomach.

3. Two bananas for the price of one? Yes, please! Although it is a bit questionable how that happened.

4. Not going to lie, it looks way creepier on the outside. Again, we’d question this banana if we purchased it!

5. A triple kiwi does exist! People that are huge fans of the fruit might honestly be so happy to see this but then there are those who just might be terrified.

6. But when this triple kiwi is peeled, it kind of looks appetizing, no? And again, you’re getting more than what you paid for. That’s a pretty massive kiwi.

7. Not going to lie, a massive strawberry like that looks absolutely delicious. It definitely doesn’t look natural at all, but who would complain.

8. This strawberry, on the other hand, should definitely not be sprouting like this. It looks like it’s about to attack your face.

9. This little strawberry is sprouting even while it’s still on the plant. Something is definitely going on and humans have something to do with it for sure!

10. An apple that looks like this is very unsettling. If you found an apple that looked like this, would you actually even bite into it? Too risky!

11. A straight banana is a suspicious banana. It probably tastes like any other looking banana but still a little bit questionable. Might be even more questionable than the double banana.

12. Ummm, yeah. This looks a little terrifying. It would be really interesting to see how this tomato looks like on the inside…creepy.

13. Imagine eating an apple, everything is looking fine, everything tastes fine, and then you get to the seed part and you see this. We’d feel pretty uneasy about that situation.

14. The more juice you can squeeze out of a lemon, the better, right? This interesting looking fruit would definitely help you get the most juice. Very strange.

15. An interesting looking pear. Actually, it’s an apple disguised as a pear. We’d probably also question that before biting into it. I’m sure it’s fine and it tastes delicious.

16. A fruit that’s inside of another fruit? Sounds questionable but kind of cool all at the same time. We probably wouldn’t touch the smaller fruit that’s inside though.

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