People Who Probably Love Christmas MORE Than You?!

Hello dear fans… Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year yea?

Huh Christmas is coming and i am so excited!!!

So, yeah I’m a pretty big Christmas fan, however there are some people who probably like it more than me, here’s a few of them

1. Buddy the Elf
OK – fictional character I know. But he beats me and probably all of you by a long shot. The man singlehandedly built an entire winter wonderland when he found out Santa was coming.

2. Michael Bublé
So, his voice is still the same, but please I dare you to name three songs he sings that aren’t Christmas songs. Every year everyone forgets about him until December rolls around, so he probably starts a Christmas count down every year, for the next year, on December 26th.

3. Whoever owns this house
I don’t know about you, but the extent of my Christmas decorating on a college budget is a dinky little Charlie Brown Tree and a few sad string lights. I aspire to be this level of extra with my Christmas lights one day when I can afford the electric bill that comes with it.

So, when was the last time you heard an N*SYNC song? Oh, last Christmas? Yeah, me too. These guys have to love Christmas because it keeps their name alive.

5. Leslie Knope (Parks and Rec)
I know I know another fictional character, but the world would be a better place if Leslie were real. She gets over excited about pretty much any holiday so of course Christmas is no exception. Maybe it also has something to do with Ron Swanson being the grinch that makes her look overly into the Christmas Spirit….

6. Mariah Carey
The woman is burnt out and you can’t fight me on that. As if her New Years Eve performance wasn’t proof enough for us, there have been multiple other ones that will totally sell you on the fact that the old Mariah is dead and the 2017 one is a train wreck. However, Christmas is truly the most wonderful for this lady because everyone forgets about how her career and singing voice have gone down the drain and sit around singing All I Want For Christmas is You. Christmas is what keeps Mariah relevant, so, she definitely loves the holiday, probably somehow more than I do.

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