Christmas Chronicles 2 is officially happening at Netflix with Kurt Russell

Chris Columbus is reportedly all set to direct Netflix’s¬†The Christmas Chronicles 2. The first installment was a success for the streaming platform with an estimated 20 million streams within the first week of its premiere. With numbers like that, a sequel was inevitable and Netflix is looking to move forward with Kurt Russell back as Santa Claus. While the first movie saw mixed reviews from critics, holiday movie fans were quick to adopt Russell into their annual rotation of yuletide movies, so a sequel should be welcomed with open arms.

The Christmas Chronicles¬†was produced by Chris Columbus’ 1492 Pictures, but it was directed by Clay Kaytis.¬†The Christmas Chronicles 2¬†will see¬†Chris Columbus¬†take the helm, which will more than likely generate quite a bit of interest. The director is behind such classics as¬†Home Alone,¬†Home Alone 2,¬†Mrs. Doubtfire, and two¬†Harry Potter¬†installments. With Columbus and Kurt Russell returning, the sequel may end up getting even more streams than the first one earned on Netflix, while getting some more critical acclaim at the same time.

The Christmas Chronicles 2¬†does not have an official¬†Netflix¬†release date set, but it will more than likely premiere in time for Christmas 2020. Production is reportedly set to start in September, though Netflix has yet to confirm this. Chris Columbus is also attached to the¬†Five Nights at Freddy’s¬†movie, though it seems that specific project has hit yet another roadblock. The big screen adaptation was first announced in 2015 and has seen several delays and setbacks as directors and writers end up leaving the project. Blumhouse expects to have the movie out in 2020, but it appears the latest script has been scrapped, which may lead to yet another delay.

Chris Columbus started his career as a screenwriter and got his first big push when¬†working for Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, writing¬†Gremlins,¬†The Goonies, and¬†Young Sherlock Holmes. Columbus started his directorial career with the 80s classic¬†Adventures in Babysitting¬†in 1987 and followed it up with¬†Heartbreak Hotel¬†in 1988. From there, he broke out with¬†Home Alone¬†in 1990, which solidified his career while simultaneously launching Macaulay Culkin’s career. Since then, the director has been in high demand, so his work on¬†The Christmas Chronicles 2¬†is a pretty big deal.

Netflix is looking to gain another hit with its original material with¬†The Christmas Chronicles 2. Having Chris Columbus and¬†Kurt Russell¬†on board is certainly a great head start, but we’ll have to see where everything ends up when the sequel premieres late next year. However, fans of the first installment will be able to watch it again this Christmas to get in the holiday spirit while anticipating the sequel for the following year.¬†Discussing Film¬†was the first to report about Chris Columbus directing¬†The Christmas Chronicles 2.

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